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Nutrition Services

Nutrition consultations are tailored to meet the unique needs of each patient by providing education, tools, and guidance in diet and lifestyle modification.  Renal Dietitian specializes in Renal Nutrition, and CKD counseling. Our nutrition specialist can help you with CKD progression, diabetes control, hypertension management and weight loss, weight management.


Clients receive a customized and personalized diet counseling. Consultations are offered to individuals and care takers. Receive face to face Nutritional Counseling through motivational interviewing for behavior change. Our Renal Dietitian has 30+ years of experience in the kidney field.


For a consultation with Chhaya Patel, MA, RD, CSR, please contact our office.

Chhaya Patel, MA, RD, CSR


BS in Foods and Nutrition

MS University, Baroda, India


Post Graduate in Dietetics

MS University, Baroda, India


MA in Clinical Nutrition

New York University

New York


Experienced Renal Dietitian since 1979 –

experience with HD, HHD and PD therapies

  Joined EBNMG   Dec 2015
  Languages Spoken   English